FPL FOOD was the first beef processor in the United States to install the Arrowsight Camera Monitoring System.

This system is a comprehensive monitoring system used for both internal & external third party audits of all locations in the production process where live animals are handled. All managers have desk top access to review cameras throughout the company.

food safety

We are a USDA inspected HACCP facility and consider quality & food safety to be the forefront of our business. By incorporating proper equipment and practices for our employees, we are able to provide families with a healthy dining experience.

  • - BRC Certified – Audit received grade A

  • - Multi-Hurdle Approach to Pathogen Reduction

  1. - Steam vacuums

  2. - Hot water pasteurization treatment

  3. - Organic rinse on hot carcass and cold carcass

  4. - High pressure carcass wash

  5. - Continuous belt sanitation with organic acid rinse

  • - All fresh beef trimmings are tested and cleared negative of O157:H7 prior to shipment and use

  • - Every combo of raw material is tested

  • - BoviBrom post-harvest beef carcass rinse that reduces E. Coli levels on the surface of the carcass

  • - Downer Policy: FPL Food, LLC has never received a downer animal into our meat supply

  • - Food Safety Net Services provides third-party auditing of our food safety and GMP programs

  • - Use of outside accredited testing laboratories for microbiological testing

dna traceability

Through IdentiGEN’s DNA TraceBack® process, we are able to verify our beef products to our customers.

100% of beef produced is pure ground beef

Outcome: High quality raw materials provide for great tasting pure ground beef that your customers seek

100% of beef produced is DNA traceable

Benefits: The DNA TraceBack process verifies the source of the meat and is used as a monitoring tool to ensure only beef that meets FPL specifications is used in the program
Outcome: Assurance and a guarantee that the product is what it claims to be

Ground beef is tested as part of food safety protocol

Benefits: DNA TraceBack process quickly and accurately traces ground beef back to its precise source
Outcome: Ensures only top quality beef is used


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