Inspired by a passion for Georgia.

Under the care of our family-owned and operated company, we oversee every aspect of production in Georgia for a truly pasture-to-plate experience. By selecting the proper cattle breed, the right diet and maintaining outstanding animal welfare, we deliver beef that the Peach State can be proud to call its own. 


Our Promise


· As part of our integrated process, we consistently provide 100% farm-raised natural* beef to meet the volume of our customers throughout the year.

· All our cattle are pasture-raised and fed a healthy diet of custom-blended local grain.


· Our cattle are completely DNA traceable and their health records are kept up to date via Electronic Identification Tags. We put the welfare of our animals above all else.

· We will always maintain 100% transparency in all of our farm’s practices.




Keeping close to home.

At Châtel Farms, we handle the birthing and raising of calves, along with finishing a number of cattle. From the farm, cattle are processed at our facility in Augusta, GA. Our specialty cuts are fabricated at our Thomasville plant where we offer portion control steaks, roasts and ground beef, as well as marinated and seasoned items.

With other companies, cattle are typically shipped from the Midwest. Because Châtel Farms accomplishes everything in state, however, we’re able to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of our product.


Above all else.

Humane treatment of our livestock takes first priority at Châtel Farms. Our third party audited animal welfare program ensures cattle are raised under the guidance of a field of experts in order to minimize stress.

It starts in our barns, expressly designed to provide cool comfort to livestock during hot Georgia days. All our shelters are high-roofed, open-walled and equipped with fans to ensure the temperature is kept down, while the animals are free to come and go.

Using the Arrowsight Camera Monitoring System, we are further able to monitor the welfare of cattle 24/7, as well as allow for independent audits of our practices.


1301 New Savannah Road,

Augusta, GA 30901

Phone. 706-722-2694