Inspired by a passion for Georgia...

Under the care of our family-owned and operated company, we oversee every aspect of production in Georgia for a truly pasture-to-plate experience. As part of the FPL Food vertically-integrated process, we consistently provide farm-raised natural beef to meet the volume of our customers throughout the year.

The barns at Châtel Farms® are the next step by François Léger to expand cattle feeding opportunities and can be used as a model for similar feeding operations in the Southeast. The barns are expressly designed to provide cool comfort to livestock during hot Georgia days. All shelters are high-roofed and open-walled to ensure the temperature is comfortable, while the cattle are able to move about freely. 


At Châtel Farms, we handle the birthing and raising of calves, along with finishing cattle. From the farm, the finished cattle are processed at our facility in Augusta, GA.

Humane treatment of our livestock takes first priority at Châtel Farms. Our third party audited animal welfare program ensures cattle are raised under the guidance of a field of experts in order to minimize stress.

We will always maintain 100% transparency in all of our farm’s practices.

Châtel Farms is seeking Angus-based feeder cattle with proven high carcass merit to be used in the Châtel Farms Branded Beef Programs. 

 All calves must be ear tagged and the birthdate of the first calf born in each calving season must be recorded in order to provide age and source verification and tracking.

All calves must be raised without any growth implants, ionophores or promotants. Producers will be required to sign the Châtel Farms Natural Affidavit attesting the calves have been raised by these standards.

Producers must certify that all calves have been vaccinated with primary and booster of a modified live 4-way or 8-way broad spectrum vaccine, including, at a minimum, IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV, Pasturella and a 7-way Clostridial (Black leg).

Châtel Farms wants to provide a positive economic impact on the beef cattle industry in the Southeast by creating new marketing options for high quality feeder and finishing cattle. With ample forage and grain availability in the Southeast, the missing piece of the beef lifecycle is now complete.

For more information, contact:

Brad Chandler

Director of Live Operations

706.910.9397 |


1301 New Savannah Road,

Augusta, GA 30901

Phone. 706-722-2694