Headquartered in Augusta, Ga., FPL Food is the number one family-owned processor of fresh beef products and ground beef selections in the Southeast. Through the commitment of more than 600 employees across two facilities and a farm, we provide several brands to service retail and foodservice customers. Whether delivering beef products domestically or exporting worldwide, FPL Food is dedicated to providing traditional and custom quality meat items to satisfy the needs of each of its customers.


At FPL Food, we are large enough to meet our customers’ volumes as well as have the versatility to cater to a customer’s specific product need. Our integrated approach provides both our foodservice and retail customers with cost effective meat selections to diversify their menu or provide consistency in their meat case.

From Black Angus to Never Ever, FPL Food delivers a wide-range of beef brands and programs to cater to every customer. Our comprehensive product offering includes boxed beef, ground beef and variety meats. FPL Food’s further processing facility delivers case ready beef including marinated items, fresh and frozen patties and skin-packed steaks.

As part of our integrated process, our farm allows us to consistently provide quality beef products and volume to our customers throughout the year. Located in Southeast Georgia on 1,155 acres, we feed 2,500 head of cattle to balance the yearly supply needed to meet the demand of our customers.  


Celebrating all that Georgia has to offer, FPL Food brings something wholly unique to the Southeast: vertically integrated beef from Châtel Farms®. Under the care of our privately owned and operated company we oversee every aspect of production. By selecting the proper cattle breed, the right diet and maintaining outstanding animal welfare, we deliver a quality of beef that the Peach State can be proud to call its own.


1301 New Savannah Road,

Augusta, GA 30901

Phone. 706-722-2694

Email. info@fplfood.com